304 Link Building Opportunities

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Link Building Branch With PeopleYour new website just went live so you’re now enjoying the fruits of your labor and admiring the exceptional job you and your team did on design and development. The project is finally over and it is time to settle back and wait for your website traffic to climb to new heights.

Reality check! I repeat – it is time for a reality check. You’re about half done with your quest for internet dominance. The research, website design, build out, and on-page SEO are all only part of your ongoing battle for visitors and conversions. Link building is not only necessary – it’s critical! It is the only way to maximize your website traffic and get the most ROI out of your web design project.

Why Do We Need to Worry About Link Building?

Consider the internet like the homecoming queen contest. To win the crown (or page one ranking), you need to be pretty, have some depth, and have a lot of votes by your peers. A website is no different. It needs to be functional, have unique content, and it needs to have links pointing to it from other websites so Google and Bing know it is of value. The links represent votes and these votes help provide a method by which the search engines and their algorithms can score authority. Without incoming links, it will be impossible to win over the search engines. We SEOs call this off-page SEO.

How on Earth Can We Find Linking Building Opportunities?

There are a lot of ways, although not all links are as beneficial as others. We SEOs talk a lot about “do follow” links and page authority and PR rank. Most regular people don’t get our SEO babble and they don’t need to get it. What they need is basic link building and a decent list of link building opportunities.

Link building opportunities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Search engines
  • Social media websites for company or personnel profiles
  • Blogs and microblogs
  • Blog directories
  • Guest blog posts
  • RSS feeds
  • Blog comments
  • Press release distribution
  • Local listings and directories
  • News, bookmarking, and tagging websites
  • Review websites
  • Groups and forum interaction
  • Industry publications
  • Associations
  • Event listings
  • Presentations and document sharing
  • Image sharing websites
  • Wikis
  • Videos and podcasts

You’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed right now, but you don’t need to be. Link building is not so much difficult, as it is time consuming. When I first started link building, I spent hours every Friday working on this task. It was painful. Back then there were not a ton of helpful bloggers or SEO consultants giving out free advice. I had to research opportunities and find potential links by turning myself into Nancy Drew. Nancy Drew surfed the internet for websites related to our keywords, watched our competition, and did a whole lot of random queries.

These days link building is much easier. There are lots and lots of sources of information and lists of link building opportunities for generic and/or industry specific links. Liking you as much as I do, I’m going to give you a jump-start and provide a slew of websites to get you started.

Link Building 101

Website Name Category Focus URL
://URLFAN Blogging & RSS www.urlfanx.com
5 Minutes for Mom Blogging & RSS Women Only www.5minutesformom.com
5z5 Blogging & RSS www.5z5.com
Alltop Blogging & RSS www.alltop.com
Bizsugar Blogging & RSS www.bizsugar.com
Blloggs Blogging & RSS www.blloggs.com
Blog Blogging & RSS www.Blog.com
Blog Bunch Blogging & RSS www.blogbunch.com
Blog Catalog Blogging & RSS www.blogcatalog.com
Blog Clicker Blogging & RSS www.blogclicker.com
Blog Collector Blogging & RSS www.blog-collector.com
Blog Digger Blogging & RSS www.blogdigger.com
Blog Flux Blogging & RSS www.Blogflux.com
Blog Folders Blogging & RSS www.BlogFolders.com
Blog Gapedia Blogging & RSS www.bloggapedia.com
Blog Hub Blogging & RSS www.bloghub.com
Blog Listing Blogging & RSS www.bloglisting.net
Blog Pulse Blogging & RSS www.blogpulse.com
Blog Search Blogging & RSS www.blog-search.com
Blog Tree Blogging & RSS www.blogtree.com
Blogarama Blogging & RSS www.Blogarama.com
BLOGbal Blogging & RSS www.blogbal.com
Blogged Blogging & RSS www.blogged.com
Bloggeries Blogging & RSS www.bloggeries.com
Bloggers Blogging & RSS www.bloggers.com
Bloggers Base Blogging & RSS www.bloggersbase.com
BlogHer Blogging & RSS Women Only www.BlogHer.com
Bloglines Blogging & RSS www.bloglines.com
BlogRollCenter Blogging & RSS www.blogrollcenter.com
Blogs Blogging & RSS www.blogs.com
Blogs by Women Blogging & RSS Women Only www.blogsbywomen.org
BlogSpot Blogging & RSS www.googleblog.blogspot.com
Blogville Blogging & RSS www.blogville.us
Feed Age Blogging & RSS www.feedage.com
Feed Fury Blogging & RSS www.feedfury.com
Feed Listing Blogging & RSS www.feedlisting.com
Feed Nuts Blogging & RSS www.feednuts.com
Feed See Blogging & RSS www.feedsee.com
Feedagg Blogging & RSS www.feedagg.com
FeedBurner Blogging & RSS www.feedburner.com
Feedcat Blogging & RSS www.feedcat.net
Feedgy Blogging & RSS www.feedgy.com
Free Webs Blogging & RSS www.freewebs.com/blogotion/
Globe of Blogs Blogging & RSS www.globeofblogs.com
Golden Feed Blogging & RSS www.goldenfeed.com
Ice Rocket Blogging & RSS www.icerocket.com
instablogs Blogging & RSS www.instablogs.com
Jordo Media Blogging & RSS www.jordomedia.com
LeighRSS Blogging & RSS www.leighrss.com
Liquida Blogging & RSS www.liquida.com
Live Journal Blogging & RSS www.LiveJournal.com
Loaded Web Blogging & RSS www.loadedweb.com
MetaFeeder Blogging & RSS www.MetaFeeder.com
Million RSS Blogging & RSS www.millionrss.com
Mom Bloggers Club Blogging & RSS Women Only www.mombloggersclub.com
My Blog 2U Blogging & RSS www.myblog2u.com
Networked Blogs Blogging & RSS www.networkedblogs.com
News To Watch† Blogging & RSS www.NewsToWatch.com†
On Top List Blogging & RSS www.ontoplist.com
Oobdoo Blogging & RSS www.oobdoo.com
Place Blogger Blogging & RSS www.placeblogger.com
Plazoo Blogging & RSS www.plazoo.com
Quick Blog Directory Blogging & RSS www.quickblogdirectory.com
Read a Blog Blogging & RSS www.readablog.com
Regator Blogging & RSS www.Regator.com
RSS Buffet Blogging & RSS www.rssbuffet.com
RSS Micro Blogging & RSS www.rssmicro.com
RSS Mountain Blogging & RSS www.rssmountain.com
RSS Network Blogging & RSS www.rss-network.com
Search Sight Blogging & RSS www.searchsight.com
Small Business Blogging & RSS www.smallbusiness.com
Solar Warp Blogging & RSS www.solarwarp.net
Spicy Page Blogging & RSS www.Spicypage.com
Super Blog Directory Blogging & RSS www.superblogdirectory.com
Syscon Blogging & RSS Technology www.sys-con.com
Technorati Blogging & RSS www.technorati.com
The Blog Frog Blogging & RSS www.theblogfrog.com
TheVital.net Blogging & RSS www.thevital.net
Top Blog Area Blogging & RSS www.topblogarea.com
Top Blogging Blogging & RSS www.topblogging.com
Total Blog Directory Blogging & RSS www.totalblogdirectory.com
Tumblr Blogging & RSS www.tumblr.com
Twingly Blogging & RSS www.Twingly.com
Webloogle Blogging & RSS www.webloogle.com
Wil’s Domain Blogging & RSS www.wilsdomain.com
WordPress.com Blogging & RSS www.wordpress.com
Work It Mom Blogging & RSS Women Only www.workitmom.com
Xanga Blogging & RSS www.xanga.com
XMeta.net Blogging & RSS www.XMeta.net
Yahoo Blog Directory Blogging & RSS dir.yahoo.com/News_and_Media/Blogs/
Your Weblog Here Blogging & RSS www.yourwebloghere.com
Zimbio Blogging & RSS www.zimbio.com
Amplify Bookmarketing www.amplify.com
Delicious Bookmarketing www.delicious.com
Digg Bookmarketing www.digg.com
Folkd.com Bookmarketing www.folkd.com
Give a Link Bookmarketing www.givealink.org
Jump Tags Bookmarketing www.jumptags.com
My Link Vault Bookmarketing www.mylinkvault.com
Newsvine Bookmarketing www.newsvine.com
Ping.fm Bookmarketing www.Ping.fm
Reddit Bookmarketing www.reddit.com
StumbleUpon Bookmarketing www.stumbleupon.com
WIKIO Bookmarketing www.wikio.com
Docstoc Content Sharing www.docstoc.com
Issuu Content Sharing www.issuu.com
Scribd Content Sharing www.scribd.com
Slideserve Content Sharing www.slideserve.com
SlideShare Content Sharing www.slideshare.com
SlideSix Content Sharing www.slidesix.com
Flickr Image Sharing www.Flickr.com
GigaPan Image Sharing www.GigaPan.com
ImageShack Image Sharing www.ImageShack.com
Imgur Image Sharing www.Imgur.com
Minus Image Sharing www.Minus.com
Pegshot Image Sharing www.Pegshot.com
PhotoBucket Image Sharing www.PhotoBucket.com
Pinterest.com Image Sharing www.Pinterest.com
TinyPic Image Sharing www.TinyPic.com
TwitPic Image Sharing Twitter www.TwitPic.com
Contracted Work Job Sites www.contractedwork.com
eLance.com Job Sites www.elance.com
Find a Freelancer Job Sites indafreelancer.com
Freelance Switch Job Sites www.freelanceswitch.com
Freelanced.com Job Sites www.freelanced.com
Freelancer.com Job Sites www.freelancer.com
Guru.com Job Sites www.guru.com
iFreelance Job Sites www.ifreelance.com
oDesk Job Sites www.odesk.com
PeoplePerHour Job Sites www.peopleperhour.com
Project4Hire Job Sites www.project4hire.com
Absolute Michigan Local Listing Michigan Only www.absolutemichigan.com
Angies List Local Listing www.angieslist.com
Bing Local Local Listing www.bing.com/local/
Brownbook.net Local Listing www.Brownbook.net
City Search Local Listing www.Citysearch.com
City Squares Local Listing www.CitySquares.com
Discover Our Town Local Listing www.DiscoverOurTown.com
Foursquare Local Listing www.Foursquare.com
Google Places Local Listing www.google.com/places/
Hotfrog Local Listing www.hotfrog.com
Infogroup Local Listing www.Infogroup.com
Insider Pages Local Listing www.InsiderPages.com
Judy’s Book Local Listing www.JudysBook.com
Kudzu Local Listing www.Kudzu.com
Local Local Listing www.Local.com
Localeze Local Listing www.Localeze.com
M Live Local Listing Michigan Only www.Mlive.com
Made in Michigan Movement Local Listing Michigan Only www.madeinmichiganmovement.com
Magic Yellow Local Listing www.MagicYellow.com
Manta Local Listing www.Manta.con
Map Quest Local Listing www.MapQuest.com
Merchant Circle Local Listing www.MerchantCircle.com
Michigan Malls Local Listing Michigan Only www.michiganmalls.com
MichiganBusiness.us Local Listing Michigan Only www.michiganbusiness.us
Mojo Pages Local Listing www.MojoPages.com
Super Pages Local Listing www.SuperPages.com
Switchboard Local Listing www.Switchboard.com
Yahoo Local Local Listing local.yahoo.com
Yellowbot Local Listing www.Yellowbot.com
YellowPages Local Listing www.YellowPages.com
Yelp Local Listing www.Yelp.com
1888 Press Release Press Releases www.1888pressrelease.com
24-7 Press Release Press Releases www.24-7pressrelease.com
Before Its News Press Releases www.BeforeItsnews.Com
BigNews.Biz Press Releases www.BigNews.Biz
Biz journals Press Releases www.bizjournals.com
Drop Jack Press Releases www.DropJack.Com
Express Press Release Press Releases www.express-press-release.net
Free PR 101 Press Releases www.freepr101.com
Free Press Index Press Releases www.FreePressindex.Com
Free Press Release Press Releases www.FreePressrelease.Com
Live PR Press Releases www.Live-pr.Com
My PR Genie Press Releases www.myprgenie.com
Online PR News Press Releases www.onlineprnews.com
Open PR Press Releases www.openpr.com
Pitch Engine Press Releases www.pitchengine.com
PR Inside Press Releases www.pr-inside.com
PR Log Press Releases www.prlog.org
PR USA Press Releases www.pr-usa.net
Press Media Wire Press Releases www.pressmediawire.com
Small Biz Trends Press Releases www.smallbiztrends.com
Wide PR Press Releases www.widepr.com
All Experts Q&A www.allexperts.com
Answers.com Q&A www.answers.com
AOL Answers Q&A aolanswers.com
Ask.com Q&A www.ask.com
ChaCha Q&A www.ChaCha.com
Focus Q&A www.focus.com
Form Spring Q&A www.formspring.me
Friend.ly Q&A www.Friend.ly
Google Knol Q&A knol.google.com
LinkedIn Answers Q&A www.linkedin.com/answers/
Mahalo Answers Q&A www.mahalo.com/answers/
Mamapedia Q&A www.mamapedia.com
Quora Q&A www.quora.com
Stack Overflow Q&A www.stackoverflow.com
Wiki Answers Q&A www.wiki.answers.com
AskSearch.me Search Engine www.asksearch.me
Bing Search Engine www.Bing.com
Blekko Search Engine www.blekko.com
Clusty Search Engine www.Clusty.com
Deeper Web Search Engine www.DeeperWeb.com
DMOZ Search Engine www.DMOZ.com
Dogpile Search Engine www.Dogpile.com
Duck Duck Go Search Engine www.DuckDuckGo.com
Excite Search Engine www.Excite.com
Google Search Engine www.Google.com
HotBot Search Engine www.HotBot.com
Info Search Engine Info.com
ix quick Search Engine www.Ixquick.com
Mamma Search Engine www.Mamma.com
Metacrawler Search Engine www.Metacrawler.com
Stumpedia Search Engine www.stumpedia.com
WebCrawler Search Engine www.WebCrawler.com
Yahoo Search Engine www.Yahoo.com
123 People Social Media www.123people.com
About.me Social Media www.About.me
AboutUs.org Social Media www.aboutus.org
All About Site Social Media www.allaboutsite.com
All Business Social Media www.allbusiness.com
B2B Yellow Pages Social Media www.b2byellowpages.com
Biznik Social Media www.biznik.com
Business Card 2 Social Media www.businesscard2.com
Business Exchange Social Media bx.businessweek.com
Business Insider Social Media www.businessinsider.com
Card.ly Social Media www.card.ly
Congoo Social Media www.congoo.com
Connect.me Social Media www.connect.me
CrunchBase Social Media www.crunchbase.com
DirectoryM Social Media www.directorym.net
DISQUS Social Media www.disqus.com
Domain Tools Social Media www.domaintools.com
Ecademy Social Media www.ecademy.com
Empire Avenue Social Media www.empireavenue.com
Entrepreneur Social Media econnect.entrepreneur.com
Follow Friday Social Media Twitter www.followfriday.com
Friendster Social Media Friendster.com
Global Spec Social Media Industrial www.globalspec.com
Google Plus Social Media plus.google.com
haystack Social Media www.haystack.com
hi.im Social Media hi.im
Hubpages Social Media www.hubpages.com
Identica Social Media www.Identica.com
Internet Evolution Social Media Technology www.internetevolution.com
internettagger Social Media www.internettagger.com
jayde Social Media www.jayde.com
LinkedIn Social Media www.LinkedIn.com
List Company Social Media www.list-company.com
Listorious Social Media Twitter www.listorious.com
Local Search Social Media www.localsearch.com
Local Tweeps Social Media Twitter www.localtweeps.com
MeeMi Social Media www.meemi.com
Mom Logic Social Media Women Only community.momlogic.com
My One Page Social Media www.myonepage.com
MySpace Social Media www.MySpace.com
Naymz Social Media www.Naymz.com
Orkut Social Media www.orkut.com
Peek You Social Media www.peekyou.com
Plaxo Social Media www.plaxo.com
Plurk Social Media www.plurk.com
Posterous Social Media www.posterous.com
ProSkore Social Media www.proskore.com
reverseinternet Social Media www.reverseinternet.com
Ryze Social Media www.ryze.com
Scribnia Social Media www.scribnia.com
ScrnShots Social Media Designers www.scrnshots.com
Social Moms Social Media Women Only www.socialmoms.com
Social URL Social Media www.socialurl.com
soup.io Social Media www.soup.io
Spoke Social Media www.spoke.com
Sprouter Social Media Start Ups www.sprouter.com
stuffgate Social Media www.stuffgate.com
Tagged Social Media www.tagged.com
Toolbox Social Media IT, HR, & Accounting www.toolbox.com
TweetMeMe Social Media Twitter www.tweetmeme.com
Tweetwawa Social Media Twitter www.tweetwawa.com
Twellow Social Media Twitter www.twellow.com
Twibs Social Media Twitter www.twibs.com
Twitaholic Social Media Twitter www.twitaholic.com
Twitiq Social Media Twitter www.twitiq.com
Twitter Moms Social Media Twitter www.twittermoms.com
TwitterPacks Social Media Twitter Twitterpacks.pbworks.com
Twtrland Social Media Twitter www.twtrland.com
Viadeo.com Social Media www.viadeo.com
Vois Social Media www.vois.com
XING Social Media www.xing.com
YouTube Social Media www.youtube.com
ziki Social Media www.ziki.com
Zoom Info Social Media www.zoominfo.com
Alexa Website Directory www.alexa.com
BizWeb Website Directory www.bizweb.com
Feed Plex Website Directory www.feedplex.com
Fyber Search Website Directory www.fybersearch.com
Gozoof Website Directory www.gozoof.com
Grokodile Website Directory www.grokodile.com
Michigan Business Directory Website Directory Michigan www.michiganbusiness.us
Michigan Web Website Directory Michigan www.michiganweb.com
Web to Thumb Website Directory www.webtothumb.com
Webotopia Website Directory www.webotopia.org
Bizwiki Wiki www.bizwiki.com
MyWikiBiz Wiki www.mywikibiz.com
wiki Wiki www.wiki.com
Wikipedia Wiki www.wikipedia.com

Don’t forget about the anchor text when link building.  Anchor text is the text used to identify the link.  You don’t want to use “click here” because it isn’t descriptive for the user or the search engines.  Use words that relate to the destination page and make sure you have a good mix of phrases or terms.

Did we miss any great link building opportunities?  Okay I’m sure we did, because this list can really be endless.
If you have a great link I missed, please leave a comment and tell us about it.


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