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There are nearly 500 ranking factors that Google looks at, but you don’t have time to learn all of them.

So lets take the 80/20 rule approach.

If you implement the following, you will see 80% results in regards to your SEO.

1). Build your website on WordPress (Google love WordPress)
2). Have a fast site (lowers bounce rate)
3). Write blog posts over 800 words
4). Build social signals to your site
5). Use your keyword in your title tag, h1 header, & 1x the webpage you want to rank
6). Use a Dynamik keyword footer
7). Interlink webpages with keyword rich anchor text
8). Build a few high quality links instead of 100s of spammy ones

Seo is content + backlinks for any website other than the big brands.

Both content and backlinks are important. Content is more important for larger websites with a lot of content – media, user generated content (forums, classified ads, Wiki), eCommerce while backlinks are more important for smaller websites with less content, the typical small service company websites, for example for removals services.

Depending on this the best SEO strategy lies somewhere on the spectrum between white hat and grey hat, on-page tending to be white hat only for small websites and mixing a little grey hat for large websites (tags for popular searches, etc).

Link building for small websites tends to be mostly grey hat which is ethical (don’t buy Google propaganda –…) and often the only choice for small websites. Most effective grey hat tactics are strong and relevant link buying (good for short term) and PBN (good for long term).

Here are the Few Top Points you Must Follow :

1. Use Old Domain’s & benefit from them.

2. Benefit by using Keyword in Domain.

3. If your Domain Name starts with keyword it will benefit you.

4. Sub domains with keyword is a common formula, use it.

5. While buying Old domains check Domain History and build a good domain history of your domain buy working regularly on it.

6. EMD of Exact Match Domain, Google is on a hunt to penalize all of them who has keyword in domai, but if you follow all the optimization guidelines properly you can have it and rather benefit from it as well.

7. Public domain registration VS Private domain registration not much of an importance but in few cases proved to be pathbreaking. Use it carefully, To give you a clear indication even’s Google is possibly a public registered domain.

8. If you are a penalized site owner or optimizer will your sites face any penalty, the biggest question. At Digital Marketing we bring for you Google Banned Domain Recovery protect from targetted negative seo

9. Country based TLD are important, that’s why even google use it.

10. Title with Keyword the main SEO ranking factor use it properly.

11. If Description carries keyword in it, then you can benefit but keyword stuffing can prove to be negetive factor. Use it with wise mind.

12. Keyword Appears in H1 Tag and proves beneficial for you. So, maintain a proper strategy for it.

13. Use of Keyword in Body of a Web Page, How Google tackle keyword spamming or stuffing? An article just filled with keywords can not benefit you, but an article with balanced number of keywords will definitely benefit you.

14. Content-Length definitely plays a big role, but stuffing words just to increase length will not never help you. Words should reflect some reason with them.

15. Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords in Content (LSI) Keyword, use them and benefit from their power.

16. Page Loading Speed a major contributor in SEO to Visitor experience. Enhancing it is your best bet to stay optimized.

17. Content Duplicity a fight against content piracy, maintain a site with less content with zero content duplicacy and and maintain your presence online without any duplicacy using google’s DMCA here Google Search Console

18. Rel=Canonical is one of the most important factor which proves the the authenticity of a url, use it benefit from it.

19. Date of Content Updates and its latest year status importance. Of course no one want to read old contents, so updated contents are always preferred. This is the reason why it’s suggested to keep updated content.

20. Historical Updates Page Updates.

A great Article which will explain in detail all the above points : https://www.whatisdigitalmarketi…

Now you can also follow it to know few more points : Top 20 Search engine ranking factors for optimization

We are building a one stop FREE SEO COURSE , I hope you will like it :

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Now bringing one of our own article on the same topic we are giving you few more guidelines on it. Omkar Nath Nandi’s answer to What would be a good SEO strategy for a beginner / new site?

Our Five Step Method from A & E will make you a successful SEO Professional, given you have the passion and respect for the profession.

I am a passionate Trainer and Always ready to help beginners to learn and be expert in this field. Wherever you move, to a job or optimizing own business but the learning and mentoring that you need when starting is essential. I will help and guide with live case study and many modules of intensive training. Do knock if you need expert help in discovering the hidden potential of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

A. Learn Digital Marketing From a reliable training provider as the one given below in following subjects :

  1. Search Engine Optimization – SEO
  2. Google Adwords PPC
  3. Social Media Marketing – SMO
  4. Video Markeing or Optimization
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Content Marketing
  8. Local Optimization
  9. Facebook Marketing
  10. Internet Marketing with lead generation marketing
  11. Warrior Forum Marketing
  12. How to use PLR products and build email list

B. Learn SEO Tools & work in the following ways :

  1. Analyse the Onpage factors and find faults and defects in it starting from a missing meta to improper distribution of keywords.
  2. Structural mistakes in web pages and what improvement is needed.
  3. Images missing alt tag and wrong title and description given.
  4. What more you can do to improve and what more you can remove to improve.
  5. Analyse the pages for speed of delivery or optimization.
  6. Which areas need focus like from gzip, to java, css and html minification.
  7. If there is wrong sourcing of heavy materials and if so what you can do like integration of cloud or cdn, it suggests that.
  8. Moving to Off page factors it first finds backlinks that can ban your site or reduce the rank, its called negative backlinks.
  9. Compare with your competitor and finds what more you need to do to be the leader on board.
  10. Analyses the best keywords for you.
  11. Builds content structure, long tail keywords suggestion and other required targeting by keywords.
  12. Find your competitors ranking in keywords which is bringing traffic for them and suggest you possible ways to improvise on them.
  13. Check and Maintain keyword ranking data for you, your client and the competitors as well.
  14. Start Local SEO’s required Citation hunting only with a software as it’s not possible without that.
  15. Hunt backlinks by many ways, that may be building auto submission backlink to genuine link sharing backlinks.
  16. Help you check and maintain guest posts.
  17. Check broken links in your pages which is very important.
  18. Help you to write quality content with grammatical correction to other improvisations needed in your writing.
  19. Check plagiarism and monitoring who is copying your content so you can file DMCA complain to google.
  20. Need to disvow url but dont know which do disvow use SEO softwares that help you to find toxic backliks.

C. Know how you can generate Traffic :

How can I generate website traffic with $0 marketing budget?

1. Advertise but don’t pay

Here you will use Social #Hastag as your tool for advertising and bigger thread’s to post a reply.

2. Quora but don’t pay

Use the highly viewed Quora questions in your subject and provide a sound answer, you will surely get traffic. Using Quora intelligently will bring good traffic to your site and product both.

3. Get Social but don’t pay

As there are a good number of social sites available, use them with the help of tools which can indicate the highest used threads like “BuzzBundle.” It can take you to leading threads which will generate traffic for you. Here you need to keep track of all other social networks and use them extensively, so they give the benefit to you.

4. Linkedin Pulse Will never ask you for money

Use Linkedin Pulse and leverage its strong crowd base to read your article and power to let Google crawl your content that way you can bring enough traffic.

5. The power of Image sharing sites, use them

Images have been driving the world for an age now you should know there is 100 Million active user base for Pinterest. Like that other image sharing sites like Flickr and Google images also get’s massive traffic. Why not throw your picture in them and inspire few to come knocking your site? How about making an image whose answer is available on your site? How about responding to a question whose problem is present in your site. Why now build the power of Infographics using visually and leverage the power of it. Infographics pull huge traffic if you can make useful explanatory information based graphical representation of a subject in an image. If you can do so, people will share your picture asking for no cost and also visit your blog page bringing massive free traffic.

6. Leverage the power of Video channels

When you take a video which has something new, secret or informative you can see real number traffic coming to it in youtube. Likewise same happens on other video hosting sites too. As search engines also love to crawl these video content and list them on the top of the search result. It’s resulting in traffic to your site and the site concerned. A good technique is to keep the related article on your site and ask users to visit your site where thy will be awarded many such items.

7. Build a place of embed’s it won’t take any money

If you can crawl through the web or youtube and see highly viewed videos, one common thing that you see is embed sources of these videos is huge. This because the videos which become familiar also leverage the power of other’s blog or website’s traffic. When people across the web embed video, then more and more traffic starts builds in the connected video as well the site. Many times people just visit the blog page to see the video and play video after video on those sites and navigating more and more pages in the website itself. Why not use this power and build a site with traditional video embeds in your content? Think and apply you will certainly benefit.

8. Long content drives good traffic, and that don’t ask you any payment

If you are a writer and can deal with all your writing then wallah you are the boss to drive that niche traffic which all desire. That is because then you can write the much needed long and explanatory content in your site answering many queries and explaining parts of the subject. These get’s excellent views and listed very fast in search engines, so they bring real traffic to your sites. Use it and use the power of them.

9. Write Irresistible Headlines that call the mass to see who you are

It’s said a headline comes after 72 hours of mind boggling sleepless effort; you know why because it’s ” Dil Mange More” a headline that runs Pepsi and likewise if we see all the headlines are the catch point for all famous brands. Build a headline and work on it or Build many and work on them on many brand perspective, you will get people to see your headline or headline’s whatever may be the case. And let people take few of your created master pieces it will just burst with traffic for your site.

10. On page, SEO caring and cleaning

On page SEO is certainly the factor you must see, here you will give the site that punches to be top ranked and well cared to be visited and ranked among other top ranking sites. Do take care of it and get a good result out of it, you easily learn and do the same from many SEO training institutes like Extensive Ideas.

D. Start with Analysis :

Now analyse your site and place your competitors sites analysis side by side so you can understand the gaps which you need to fill.

E. Move to On Page SEO :

1. Meta tags must be completed. Meta outline tags needs to be targeted to every single page rather than a common meta tag being used in every page of an website. This dont really helps.

2. Title tags should be concluded on a website by integrating important key elements of the post in a natural way rather than being spammed by repeating similar keywords in it.

3. Image Alt tags are important as it helps crawlers to identify the images and optimize them. We must understand that crawlers dont have visual powers and they dont even see web pages as we do. They just see it as codes. So in that case Alt tags help crawlers of the search engines identify the images.

4. The robots.txt file must be present and properly worded. It defines the search engines what to scorll in the site and how to do so.

5. The importance canonical links has increased in the recent days as google made it compulsory for every site. This is done due to being many websites misusing search engine crawlers to repeatedly redirect single page to many other pages. The canonical URL defines exactly what URL to be listed under a url. For example: yoursite.comshould be going to or or yoursite.comneed to be defined in the canonical part even if its going to some other url that too needs to be mentioned to help crawlers reach out to that page to list it under this url.

Move to Off Page SEO :

On-page seo is certainly among the key techniques if your business owner want to enhance the results for website’s searchability. However, on-page Search engine optimization frequently entails technical abilities. Why? Very little individuals are HTML fanatics. This really is frequently what must be tweaked to complete a great job in optimizing webpages.

Let’s say a geek friend already did the on-page optimisation and today you’d like to learn the best way to lead towards the “internet search engine goodness” of the website? Off-page optimisation happens. And also the results you’ll have to pine for is one-way backlinks. Why? This really is the number of from the major search engines like google such Google, Yahoo! and MSN rank websites. The greater backlinks from relevant sites with higher page ranking, the better.

Just how exactly would you gather backlinks? It isn’t always easy but it is certainly less nerve-wracking than HTML if you’re not the technical type. Here are a few off-page Search engine optimization tips:

1. Article Promotion

Quality content has been seen as actually was king. Everybody is hungry for fresh and quality info and supplying it will make backlinks go flowing in. It will need a great effort to be considered a keen author to become effective about this endeavor. Also, practise the right way of utilizing element. It ought to only incorporate a website that consists of information highly relevant to the content.

2. Forum Participation

Search for forums which are highly relevant to your website’s content and on discussing information that’ll be indispensable for the people in the forums. Your signature or that tagline along message in the last part of all of your postings is exactly what is useful for your off-page Search engine optimization campaign. Make it simple and make certain it conveys something regarding your website. Learn to hyperlink to allow those who be interested in your website.

3. Blogging

Blogs or web logs are actually typically the most popular weapons of Search engine optimization experts. Apart from being easy-to-update, they do not need a too formal tone, that is what many visitors like. Informal dialog which may be accomplished through visitors departing comments and also the blog author responding towards the comments is exactly what also keeps blogs fresh and internet search engine friendly. Maintaining your blog that’s again highly relevant to your website’s content could keep the search engines like google in contact with your website. Be sure to possess a link in your primary website out of your blog.

The key to become effective in undertaking these off-page Search engine optimization techniques will be consistent. Posting quality articles to websites a minimum of 2 to 3 occasions per week and often creating content for the personalized blog is really a guaranteed method to help make your website stick out. Forum participation ought to be something done more often since not only will it assist you to your website’s recognition using the search engines like google but additionally cause you to learn new stuff using their company forum members participation. Also, should you find out you don’t enjoy these stuff, almost always there is an agenda B – bring in help to complete them for you personally!

4. Use Infographics

5. Use Video posting

6. Start social media promotion focus on popular hastags.

7. Regularity in content is needed for your site’s blog and guest posts with that social content posting.

8. Build eye catching social media content.

9. Start Email Marketing for that build your email list through the blog you manage and from other sources from where you can get email subscribers.

10. Start Paid Online Marketing through PPC and other methods.

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seo , search engine optimization, video marketing , pay per click , 1st on google , PPC , SEM , SMM , Social Media Marketing , Animation videos , whiteboard video , web design , web development , free web site , logo design

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