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Mobile apps are one of the most lucrative business opportunities. The industry of mobile apps is growing and expanding at a blistering pace.  It’s no wonder that countless entrepreneurs are getting into high-income mobile app development.

You’ve probably read about the success of Flappy Bird which boomed the world in 2013. But its creator, Dong Nguyen, deleted the game because it was too addictive and as a result, he was making too much MONEY. It sounds like an app entrepreneur’s dream, doesn’t it?

Though there is a high demand for high-quality apps, the app market is highly competitive. Most of the mobile entrepreneurs perform quite well at the kick-off stages but fail to survive in the market.

Mobile applications are used by most of the smartphone users all over the world. So going into the market is as easy as ABC but keeping on its top and gaining immense profits are sometimes too challenging tasks. To drive the business, you have to undertake some essential business steps. Let’s delve into the app development business essentials.

Research the Market

Researching the market conditions, especially its demands, is a key to your future success as an app entrepreneur. Nothing is changing as fast as mobile applications. Apps undergo changes with their implementation every day. Take into account, after you launch the app, you’ll have to update it to stay on top. So, don’t forget to include post-development updates in your budget plan.

As an initial point, try to develop, design, and deploy applications for a particular operating system. This will help you become a proficient player in the field and lead to the app success.

For example, Apple iOS and Android are largely different, but once you achieve success in the one field, you can go on and expand your business activity to the other mobile platforms. Formulation of a strategy dedicated to a particular product will lead to greater revenue in the future.

Hire Best Developers

Developing an app that can hit the market and crack the app stores depends greatly on the team of developers. Hire experienced, eager, young, and skilled developers to create cross-platform mobile applications that will become a customer choice for years.

At the start of an app development business, it’s impossible to hire top developers with an impressive tech expertise due to the limited (and sometimes desired-to-be more) budget. Focus on hiring a team which can set benchmarks for business expansion and bring the business to the new heights.

Your team should encompass the following staff to deliver products with flying colors:

  • Java Developers for Android projects
  • Swift Developers for iOS apps
  • App Designers
  • Promoters or Marketing Specialists
  • PMs or Heads for the Project


Design Your App for Success

It isn’t too hard to tackle the designs for your future app, but here are 6 essential things you should consider before designing an app:

●    The Less is More

Customers don’t appreciate overloaded apps. This principle is a must while developing apps for small screens.

●    Pixel-Perfect Graphics

Don’t be fooled by a small screen. Every mistake is visible regardless of the screen size.

●    Fonts and Icon Matter

While choosing fonts and icons for your app, make sure that a font is easy-to-read. And a few words about your app icon. Firstly, it should be a visual representation of your brand. Secondly, the icon should stand out among the others. Make it bright and eye-catching. The design of the icon should differentiate from the overall app design.

●    Test Your Design

Test the design on every screen you’re developing for. It should be responsive and deliver valuable user experience.

Market Your App

The app presentation is essential for marketing since people judge the apps by the screenshots.
The first screenshots will highlight your app’s benefits and win over the other apps available on the market.

Product Description

Hand over providing dry app descriptions. A professional sales letter will work better for attracting new customers. If you have lots of apps, make sure every app has a unique description. Did you know that a video can help promote your app as fast as possible?

Another great way to shout out about your app is to get featured with such services as AppShout. The Cost per Install (CPI) model works best in terms of revenue generation.
But if you don’t fancy the idea of the CPI model, hop over AirBop.

Brand Awareness

Create social profiles on every popular platform. After you create the profiles, don’t forget to update them with must-read content, useful tips or interesting facts. Try to promote your app not only online but offline. Choose a crowded place such as a popular mall to reach out more people.

It’s worth mentioning that contests and giveaways can attract new customers as well.

Summing Up

Getting into app development business is quite an easy task, but it’s much harder to corner the market on particular apps.
One more farewell piece of advice, create a free app with in-app purchases to create revenue.

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