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Online marketing is a constantly changing industry. While it used to be as simple as planning a campaign and executing it, the growth of the digital medium have made things a bit more complicated.

You can now find experts specialized to segments within online marketing, too. From digital strategy to social media, from SEO strategy and marketing to website design and development. Then there’s e-commerce, CMS, branding experts… the list goes on. Hiring people to deal with each area means that online marketing budgets are going through the roof – but they don’t have to.

Many businesses don’t yet understand that it’s not necessary to hire several different experts to help navigate this new, confusing world of online marketing. All they need is one online marketing agency, and with a few quick insights they will be able to adequately prepare their company to take the steps needed to grow their business without breaking the bank.

What are a few ways hiring an online marketing agency can help save money with online marketing? Let’s take a look:

Making Your SEO Ready to Go

First off, saving money is inherent when it comes to customers or potential customers being able to find you online. Quite simple, if you can’t be found, you’re losing valuable customers. So, it’s time to work on your SEO – both on-page and off-page. On-page SEO is set up during the programming stage of your website. This isn’t merely just programing search keywords into your matrix. It’s also about setting up meta tags, making your page URL’s SEO rich, and making sure your website is optimized for mobile users. Off-page SEO helps to build links that elevate your website and increases your search engine ranking. This further helps people find you.

If you want to reduce the expenditure on your traditional marketing budget, then you want to invest in both on- and off-page SEO. The success of a good SEO strategy is measurable. You can take advantage of the analytics to show that the right people are finding you online, which will inform you on why SEO is a necessary investment that pays off in the long run.

Social Media Marketing: Likes, Fans, and Followers Oh My!

Social media has grown to the point where there are hundreds of social platforms being utilized every day. If you’re handling social media in-house, you may have someone posting and executing social media campaigns, but it can be difficult to focus on which platforms work best for your company. What’s the best platform for your business? Is it Facebook? Should you run a PPC campaign on your page? How about Twitter and their Twitter Cards? Is this something you should be investing in? With all the noise, you may not be concentrating on how to maximize your social media strategy – both in budget and results. Hiring a social media expert to automate your platforms and keep up with audience analytics can save you money in the long run. Your in-house investment will be considerably less if everything social media is handed off to an expert, and this further helps your social media presence to grow.

Who Run the World? Influencers!

Why push campaigns on people when you could get influencers to advertise your products for you? One of the latest online marketing tactics is to select fans of a brand from social media and pitch them to review your product or become a brand ambassador. You can save many an ad-dollar by doing this. There’s an investment of both time and money, but this investment will help you save money in the future. Your time investment includes engaging with influencers by retweeting their tweets, liking their updates, and re-blogging their posts. Your money investment will include tracking and identifying these potential advocates with streamlined data analysis. For this, investing in a digital marketing agency or a social media marketing expert could do you a lot of good, especially when it comes to increasing your online presence without breaking the bank.

Your Target Market: Who Are You Aiming For?

Having a target market in the online space is crucial. Identifying and pitching to this target market can be expensive. You have to invest in preparation, so that when the opportunity arises, your company is technologically equipped to take on the marketing aspects of this opportunity. There’s several marketing specific software that can be utilized, and these software aren’t always not cheap. So what do you do?

Well, digital marketing agencies are equipped with not only the latest online marketing software, but also with the latest knowledge on the constantly evolving landscape of digital marketing, including analytics, automation, advertising data and more. So, hiring an outside agency also ensures that you don’t have to invest in the additional thousands of dollars it takes to buy and run marketing software programs in-house.

Your Website: Covering All the Ends

Many companies think that investing in web development is a one-time thing. Someone can come in, design the website, hand over the back-end and that’s that. Unfortunately, to really thrive in the online space, your website is a constant investment – but that doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive. Investing in a successful web development team will make sure both the front and back ends of your website are taken care of. Web experts can be hired to help with the marketing around your website as well.

In the long run, hiring an online marketing agency for all-round web support will not only help you keep up with new technology, it will make sure that your investment is actually helping you make sales and keep up with the competition. Additionally, when you hire a professional, you and your team have more time to work on other business areas that may need attention, without exhausting further revenue.

The Best Bet to Grow Your Business Handling everything in-house can be overwhelming, but breaking into the online market is crucial. Saving money by working with a third-party agency for your digital marketing needs can not only reduce the cost of marketing and save you money, but can also reduce the stress of running a business.


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